Placid Herbal Products
Placid Herbal Products (P.H.P) offers comprehensive herbal body care products with a focus on providing beauty services in a private and supportive environment. Our capabilities suite the production of the best herbal products extracted from real and pure natural tropical forests which enriches our products with real pure content.

13 Years in Business
With all these years of experience we are dedicated to serving our customers with great and trusted herbal products in the market. We also do deliveries to our customers all over through the most reliable and trusted courier companies.

Affordable Prices
We serve the women and men of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, United Kingdom, Egypt and other parts of the world at very affordable prices and deliveries to our customers are done through the most trusted and most reliable courier companies you would mention.

24/7 Availability
We work hard to ensure that customers have their questions answered in time, products are available whenever needed and easy exchange of communication between the customer and us all the time.

Our Mission

Serve all men and women within South Africa and abroad with herbal body enhancement products.


To offer quality services, which are organic products with no side effects.


Always to remain outstanding in market because satisfying results matter to us.


To offer herbal penis enlargement pills, creams and women herbal body enhancements to meet your desires within 2 weeks.