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“I’m on a diet”. Do those words sound familiar? It is proven that “diets” do not work for long term weight loss. When you go on a diet, you tend to starve yourself, but your body needs food to produce energy. What you need is a lifestyle change, not a “diet”, to lose weight and keep it off.

For many people who weigh more than they want to, they’d rather starve than move. If this is the case, they should plug into their favorite music while doing whatever physical activity they like most. Walking three miles with your absolute favorite songs drifting through your head is bliss: even if you sweat, you won’t notice it nearly as much as if you have nothing but your pounding feet and passing traffic to pay attention to.

Know what the ideal weight is for your height and frame. Do not waste your time losing weight when you have an unrealistic idea of what you should weigh. You may be surprised at the doctor recommended weight for your body. Muscle is heavy and you need to maintain your muscle mass to keep healthy.

You shouldn’t always trust the “healthy” menu. According to research, most people underestimate their meal’s calories by about 35 percent. The best way to order at a restaurant is to check the nutrition guide before you order. A study at the University of Mississippi found people consumed about 50 percent less calories when they employed this strategy.

Another great way to lose weight more quickly is to go on a daily swim. Swimming is actually a fun way to burn calories without feeling like you are working out. If you simply go out to your backyard and go for a swim, you are on the way to your dream body.

Diets that use drugs to help you shed pounds may actually work, but they tend to do more harm to your body than good. Instead of losing fat, a lot of these drugs have you losing essential water and muscle, which can produce harmful effects on your organs.

As you can see, it is important to eat. You need to make a lifestyle change in order to lose weight and keep it off. Food offers nutrients that are important to maintaining your body. No diet will offer you the nutrients your body needs. Only a lifestyle change will give you what your body needs and wants, and will help you lose weight.


V-Tight Vaginal Tightening Pills – 1 Bottle in Durban and Johannesburg +27717854329

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Product description

Are you trying to get your “younger self” back after bearing one or two children?

Are you not as tight as you would want it to be?

Do you experience dryness or an overall lack of libido and sensation down there?

We’ve got exactly what you need to feel like a young again!

Introducing V-TIGHT –The Ultimate Women’s Proprietary Blend That Works Wonders!

Our vaginal tightening solution is not temporary. By making this supplement part of your everyday routine, you will experience PERMANENT results, even if you stop taking it for any reason!

Plus, the unique time-release formula is formulated in such a way that it will release those potent natural extracts in your blood stream throughout the day and night to maximize your results.

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Will Result In Permanently Tighter & Firmer Vaginal Walls

Will Increase Your Overall Health & Libido

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Will Decrease Vaginal Dryness That May Be Causing Friction & Pain

The V-TIGHT proprietary formula (560mg) provides you with a one-month supply and the all-natural ingredients are right there on the bottle for your own reference:

Pueraria Mirifica

Curcuma Comosa



Hamamelis Virginiana

Kacip Fatimah

Morinda Citrifolia

Manjakani Extract

Parameriae Cortex Extract

Nigella Sativa

Consult your physician prior to use if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.